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I know that it can be incredibly stressful being sued by a credit card company. I know this because I have been there myself. In fact, my bad experiences that resulted from my credit card company suing me are what has driven me to create this website.

I was tired of searching the web to try to learn how to represent myself in court against my creditor. Everywhere I looked I seemed to find people who made claims that they knew what they were talking about but in the end they were only out to get my money.

I promised myself that once I resolved my credit card debt situation that I would create a website for people just like you to find quality answers to all of the most important credit card debt litigation questions!

If you are like me, you are probably wondering why Credit Card Debt Litigation.com is so much better than all of the other sites that claim to help your credit card debt situation. Well the simple answer is this:

I used these very same methods to get a credit card debt lawsuit that was filed against me for over $100,000 dismissed! Yes you read correctly… dismissed! I didn’t have to pay a single penny!

I am not telling you this to get you to sign up for some costly plan or pay me thousands of dollars for my services. The only reason that I am telling you about my previous situation is to help you understand that the things I want to share with you are tried and tested and most importantly, they work!

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In my 10-day free mini course you will find:

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  • Your most valuable defense.
  • The number one most commonly made mistake by consumers that can cost you thousands of dollars.
  • How to navigate through the discovery process.
  • Sample questions and answers in court.

And that is just getting started!

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