How To Answer A Credit Card Summons

by Allan Henry

Many consumers all wonder how to answer a credit card summons. Answering a credit card summons is generally the same process for everyone. However, there are few things to keep in mind when deciding how to answer a credit card summons. I am going to go over some basic need to know items in this article to help you answer properly.

The first thing to understand when deciding how to answer a credit card summons is that not answering is not an option. Some people become scared that they might lose everything that they have and decide to pretend that they were not summoned. This is a much larger mistake because by not answering a summons you will automatically lose the case made against you.

Now that you know that you must answer the credit card summons, you will answer the summons and proceed as normal through the litigation process. Just because you have been summoned to court does not in any way mean that you are going to lose. Answering the summons is quite basic and by the book. Once you get into the courtroom you can use other things to your advantage.

The majority of credit card lawsuits are won or lost because of the level of knowledge that the consumer has about the legal process. Because of this I think instead of asking how to answer a credit card summons, it is more important to ask how to handle yourself in court.

Opposing attorneys will assume that you do not have any knowledge of the legal system. This for most consumers is absolutely correct. They will then proceed to confuse you and set you up to make mistakes that will lose you the case. The best way to prepare you for a credit card lawsuit is to understand what the opposition will be asking you and what the best way is to answer each of the questions. To continue to grow your expertise it is also good to know what to ask the opposition to prove such as proof that they loaned you money or a valid signed and dated contract.

To answer the question of how to answer a credit card summons is simple just answer it legally! Do not run away from it or pretend that you were not summoned. If you do you will surely lose the case against you. Instead, spend your time and effort preparing to face the opposing attorney. By doing this you will be much more likely to achieve a favorable ruling.